We are creating virtual tours for some of the main scheduled tours that we run – they are made up of several 360 degree scenes that you can scroll around.

Some brief instructions:

  • Enlarge the virtual tour to full screen for the best effect.

  • These are 360 degree images so use your mouse to move the picture around.

  • Hover your mouse over the white camera icon to see or hear more.

  • You can move from one scene to another by clicking the white arrows (they tell you where you are going).

  • In the top right of the virtual tour there is a drop down list of all of the ‘scenes’ in that tour so you can step through the scenes that way if you wish.

 Enjoy your virtual tour and we look forward to showing you around in person one day.

The Wilderness Experience virtual tour

(enlarge to full screen by clicking the bottom right of the image for the best experience)