Working with Woven Earth

One of the toys being delivered to a family

Since late 2020 we have been fortunate to be working with a charity organisation called Woven Earth.

Woven Earth furnish the homes and lives of families that have fled domestic violence situations. When the borders to NZ closed due to covid we converted some of our tour buses into delivery vans (we took the seats out!).

Woven Earth heard about us and got in touch as they were finding that the large trucking companies they were working with didn’t provide the flexibility they needed. We collect donated items from people and when Woven Earth are setting up a home we fill up our vans with all that is needed at their depot and go to the home.

Our guides unload the vans into the home and help out wherever needed – constructing beds, plumbing in washing machines and even setting up a trampoline!

All of our staff take great care and pride in everything they do and to be involved with an organisation which does such inspirational work has been immensely rewarding for us and also helpful to Woven Earth.

To quote Kerryn from Woven Earth : “The care and professionalism at the forefront of Bush and Beach’s business has resulted in a marked improvement in the impact on all layers of our service from the people they gather items from, to the agencies they interface with and the overall community spirit of Woven Earth.”

Donations can be made to Woven Earth here:

We have a short video which shows how we work with Woven Earth:

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