Help for our pest control work

Landslides covering traps and destroying tracks

We recently got some fantastic help from a NZ company to help us out with our pest control work around Piha. Cyclone Gabrielle in February caused extensive damage around the West Coast of Auckland and one of the things affected was our ability to check our predator traps that we have been using since 2014. Landslides buried some of our traps and made access to others very difficult (What used to be a simple 1 hour walk to check some of the traps became over 4 hours across some tough terrain).

Donated A24 traps and supplies from Goodnature

A NZ company that makes traps, called Goodnature had put out a social media post asking if any groups affected by the cyclone needed help. After talking to them, they made the very kind offer of 4 complete A24 trap kits with supplies to last a year!!


One of the traps set up and ready to go



These traps do not need to be checked as often so are ideal for what are now difficult to reach areas. It means we have been able to get traps back up and running to continue to protect the native birds in the area. The technology behind the A24 traps is amazing – they are powered by a CO2 canister which means they can have up to 24 kills without needing to be reset. The Bluetooth caps on the traps record the kills and transfer that information to Tony’s (our pest control guys) phone so we can keep records of the work we are doing.

Tony fitting one of the traps

Thanks also to the local park rangers who Tony has worked with to ensure safe access to the areas we needed to go to.

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